Got Vows?


You’re getting Married, what an exciting day!

So, when it’s time for those vows . . .

what will you say?


*            *            *


Customize your Vows,

make them your own

Whether serious, poignant

or tickling their funny bone


You can knock their socks off

or keep it demur

Can be heartfelt, whimsical

& authentic, for sure!


Make them reverent, dramatic

light-hearted or quirky

Serious, funny

or even tear-jerky


There’s nothing as special

as those Vows you will share

Make them sparkling & memorable

for one dazzling affair!


*            *            *


When the time arrives

to say “I Do”

Such a special moment

 . . . just the two of you


The Vows that you share

& the sentiments expressed

Will forever be sacred

holy & blessed


To be certain the feelings

are spoken just right

To reflect your heart’s love

& shine ever so bright


Consider them conveyed

with Rhyme at its core

They’ll be perfect & memorable

& live on, evermore