Sometimes it’s tough

to say what you mean

especially face to face


Often it’s best

to write out your thoughts

or speak in some neutral place


Still other times

you might want a light touch

to help get your message across


Whether speaking with friend,

relative, employee

professional, laborer … or boss


On those occasions

consider a Rhyme!

you can still get your point to be heard


There’s always a way

to say what you mean

all it takes is to find the right word


We can help you to phrase it

whatever you wish to say

be it legal, health, break-up, or even birthday!


So if you like this

& want one of your own

e-mail or call on the . . . telephone!


*          *          *


If there’s a topic

that’s rather distressing

Or some other matter

that may well be pressing


And how to say it

has got you stuck

No need to fret

you just ran into luck


Our service can phrase it

your point will be heard

We’ll put it together

each notable word


No cause to worry

there’s always a way

Give us a call

we’ll get started today!