Set yourself apart

from all the rest

With a customized invite

to every guest


Wedding, Anniversary,

Bar Mitzvah or Prom

Graduation, Retirement

or, “We love you, Mom!”


Personalized invites

set a special tone

Whether gathering in public

or in your own home


For pure originality

a Rhyme’s just the thing

It says clever & thoughtful . . .

your invitation will sing!

 . .

         *            *            *


When it’s time to send

an invitation

Think of Rhyme

without hesitation


It will earn from your guests

their admiration

It’s an exceptional form

of communication!


Birthdays, anniversaries,

weddings & such

Nothing says ‘special’

nearly as much


As a personalized invite

in your very own voice

It’s a memorable statement

in which you’ll rejoice!