Custom Creations

This bride had an unusual situation & wanted it handled

with a touch of humor…herewith:




I dreamed of the day

when we’d stand side by side

When I’d say “I Do”

& become your new bride


The struggles & challenges

it’s been quite a ride

Worth every shared hurdle

we somehow survived


So now that we’re here

in this moment, anew

Now that it’s real

& it’s just me & you


I say to you now

with a heart all aglow

You’re the love of my life

surely, you know


‘Forever’ is too short

to express how I feel

To keep letting you know

my love is for real


Never doubt for a moment

of the love I do hold

And oh yes, I’m so grateful

that you got . . . paroled!



*      *      *


A very special union…

. .

As we stand here together

I could never have guessed

After all of these years

I’d be so very blessed


I dreamed of a man

who would love me for me

And let me become

who I wanted to be


Someone with goals

& who knew his own mind

Someone soft spoken,

courageous & kind


I envisioned a life mate

with whom I could win . . .

Take my hand, my sweet love

let the marriage begin!