Looking for a way

to advertise?

Something that will

open their eyes?


People are intrigued

by what Rhyme has to say

Most of the time

they just can’t turn away


If you find yourself skeptical

here’s a bit of a clue

If you’re still reading…

it just happened to you!


*            *            *


A Rhyme in your ad?

why, yes indeed!

It’s a compelling format

people will read


It grabs their attention

& sets you apart

It motivates loyalty

by engaging their heart


If you’re not quite convinced

or certain it’s true

Just one question…

did this ad capture you?


. *          *          *.


If Originality

you do seek

This is no time

to be cautious or meek


Whether CEO

or geek

To your ad

time for a tweak


Give it more

of a mystique

Make it distinctive

& unique


Using Rhyme

as a technique

It’s universal . . .

even in Mozambique!


It’s a captivating way

in which to speak

And will put your company

on a winning streak!


So dally no longer

if your interest did pique

Go ahead & call us

. . . how ’bout this week?


Say it with flair . . . if you dare . . .