About Rhymes by Design

Karen Davis

kb davis
Professional Rhymographer


Been writing Rhyme

since I was 10

Stopped awhile,

then Rhymed again


It became a passion

one stellar day

When I was ‘hired’

to write this way!


That job done,

just couldn’t stop

‘Reviews’ were great, so-

opened up shop!


From a background in sales

this Rhyming seed grew

Writing copy & promos

it took root . . . who knew?


It’s a passion, a calling

there’s simply no choice

To give every message

its own Rhyming voice!


Everything’s custom

it’s your voice that’s heard

We put it to verse

every notable word


From celebrations, farewells

or giving ‘addresses’

To invites & parties

or handling stresses


Make it unique,

let it sing, make it shine!

Whether business or personal,

it’s better in Rhyme!